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Giving Tuesday

At WCF, the holidays humble us this year.  They give us a moment to consider how thankful we are that you are here, right now, with us.  You’re the one who can look at your family around a table or around the world and see people that live what the people we all elect create.

After all, government isn’t something in Washington or the state house or the town council.  It lives inside of us and our households, driven by whatever we can do to shape it. It’s in the eyes of the kids we love as they look toward the incredible lives they will live, of their own creation.

Men and women work together in so many households as acts of love for the people they cherish. When men and women work together in elected government, the struggles and squabbles, along with the vision and practical decisions, can be acts of love for the people they cherish, too.  We, the people.  

We, the people, don’t expect magic.  We expect work and people who make it work, no matter what.  

We care because we are living what we and they create. 

Let us steward your investment to help your family, friends, and neighbors get more of what they need and want by bringing men and women to the table in roughly equal numbers. How does that help? It’s a fundamental way to ensure 100% of the available talent, wisdom, and skill is always at work for you and the people you love.  

Donate $2 today and we'll send you a #5050x2028 sticker; make a gift of $20.28 or more and we'll send you a WCF swag package, with two stickers and two #5050x2028 buttons.

We appreciate all of your support this Giving Tuesday. 

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